telling stories of resiliency,
risk and resourcefulness

Our future is clear. We are crashing through.

We are a radical and future bound independent theatre company based in Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia). Forged by two young women, Ana & Courtney, CRASH is authentic, messy and raw – an honest depiction of restlessness in your youth and wanting to be a part of something bigger than yourself. The visionaries behind Crash are storytellers, each living a life with bumps in the road, with opportunities lost and won, determined to succeed against the odds and were destined to create CRASH. The result of over a decade’s worth of collaboration and labour of love that began in a university common room.

Originally established as a charity named the Performing Arts Alumni Society in 2018 and now trading as Crash Theatre Company, we have been producing original and intentional productions since our inception. Committed to providing artists a chance to express their talents, CRASH seeks to generate opportunities to perform and present for all. We create an unmatched sense of community wherever we land and we welcome creatives of all walks of life to work with us.

CRASH is resistant to the status quo and committed to telling stories of resiliency, risk and resourcefulness. Our purpose is to reflect the path less travelled and encourage audiences to question the world around them. We aim to be a mouthpiece to expressive and impactful stories that need to be told.

Image credit: Declan Young
Court (left) Ana (right)

Be a part of the crash

We are always keen to work with new collaborators, artists and friends. 

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